Look and Feel Great Expo Glorietta Set

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The health, wellness and beauty revolution continues as Look and Feel Great Expo 2nd run hits Glorietta Activity Center.

The event features health, wellness and beauty seminar and entertainment activities. The second run of Look and Feel Great Dance Competition also takes centerstage. A new set of contestants are set to mesmerize and awe the event attendees and judges.

Programme highlights are Learn to Jazz and Hip-hop Dance Movement Inc. Presentation, Beauty Inside Out!, Ms. Julia Robillos, VP for Education and Membership of   The Association Consultants International Philippine Chapter, Start Living the Life You Want by Herbalife, Aerobic Moves Can Help You Keep Fit! by Slimmers World, Come! Laugh your Stress and Aches Away,     Mr. Paolo Martin L. Trinidad, Founder, Pinoy Laughter Yoga, Opening and Starting Your Own Spa Massage and Wellness Center,   Mr. Jomar Fleras, President, Philippine Wellness and Spa Association, Inc., Building Health and Energy Naturally and  Inexpensively by Dr. Chrystine Gonzalez, Wellness Institute
Among the participants are AM Euro Pharma, BCP Dermatological Corp., BPI, Carelink Health Services, Curves, E-Hersisyo Inc., Dermclinic, E-Life Pharma, Evertrimm, Herbalife, Cherifer, JLC Miller Co. , Clium Fiber, Fibremate, Philamlife, Tai-chi, Rhodesian Distributors, San Mig Coffee Mix, Slimmers World and Sunrider Philippines.

The event is supported by Asenso Pinoy TV, UNTV37, Businessworld, Herworld, 88DB.Com,Tarpographics, I-Concept and Decisive Moments.
For more information, call tel # 6433887.

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