Negosyo Power Expo Connects

Monday, June 06, 2011

Opening Dance Number - A Great Way to Start the Event

Barely one day after Negosyo Power Expo and the good memories and smile flashed by the event participants still hover around my head.

Yes! It is still another breakthrough for EXLINKEVENTS as we saw the big VICTORY sign after the end of the event. As a background, it is the first out-of-town mall expo of Exlink and the first time we use MarQuee Mall; and it will not be the last time because of the warm reception we had with the Angeles public.

At the heart of MarQuee, exhibitors get to feel to be the center of  attention to all buyers

They indeed went to look for business, enjoy the entertainment and games, and learn something new about going into business.

Even the evaluation results submitted by the exhibitors are very encouraging. So we went home in a very jolly mood, scud through NLEX in the middle of the night with a new found energy and hope.

With this Expo you get connected with your market!

Indeed, Negosyo Power Expo connected with the people of Pampanga and they want more!  

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