The Need for Innovation

Friday, June 17, 2011

In today’s challenging business environment, the need for innovation is not anymore a whimsical idea but a must if a business enterprise needs to survive.

The latest Ad Congress theme says it all “Game Changers”. Numerous seminars and conventions about innovation are in every corner of the world and our country.

Facebook, Iphone, Ipad, Twitter, Mc Do Online Delivery, Online Ordering of Passports and NSO are game changers that completely changed our business and social landscape.

Just recently, I attended a seminar on Business Model Innovation and it is really very enlightening and a powerful tool. The key is never to compete with your competitors but to create a new market space.

In our company we are a Blue Ocean and Niche Advocate – we believe in abundance and we believe in carving a new concept albeit it is hard at first to make it profitable.

I strongly propose that our Passion for Innovation should be transferred or trumpeted by our government and media, in the long run, it is the key to making us a Developed Country.

For events and expo, we must be on a watch out for a major earthquake is about to happen that will change our industry. 

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