Events and Expo as Channel Support Generation

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Events and expo are a great source of increasing your channel support. Channel support or distribution system is a tool to out your products and services to a greater number of people.
 There are three things you can gain in events or expo if you are focus on generating channel support.

1. Identify and recruit new distributors or partners

Events and expo gives you a lot of opportunities to recruit new distributors and partners. The face-to-face interaction with new distributors and partners gives you an edge in terms of knowing these potential partners deeper and if they fit into your company’s standard.

2. Support You Current Sales Channel

An increase of new distributors automatically improves your existing sales channels. This is the power of events and expo where the thousands of visitors that go in to see your exhibits give you the leverage to attract more distributors.

We all know that more distributors mean more sales in the pipeline – a must to make your particular sales channel healthy and profitable.

3. Build your reputation as partner   

If you are a sales channel or distributor, events and expo helps you increase your sales partners. In the eyes of the companies that tap your services you become trustworthy because you have proven yourself to move their volumes of products and services to the market.

This situation improves your reputation as a distribution center or sales channel.
As I have mentioned in a lot of my blogs, events and expos are a veritable source of strategic ways to increase your sales. Sometimes you just have to see more than the tangible things that events and expos offer.

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