A Downpour in Events Management

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Yes, it is similar to a rain. This is the reason I called it downpour. Have you ever felt it a situation where you are inundated by a lot of projects and you just smile and take it. As this situation continues you become selective and just take those things that you can deliver and beg off to things you cannot deliver or is out of your competence?

But before these things happen the most important question is how does this downpour occur? I can find two important factors and this is worth discussing in depth but not today.

I believe that the cause of downpour is our REPUTATION AND COMPETENCE on the field we are working with. These two factors give us the SPEED OF TRUST that the clients are giving us.

What are the manifestations of the Trust? Of course, projects left to right.

Definitely, this is the downpour I am talking about the projects where in the normal rain you open your umbrella so that you will not get wet. In our case, we open the umbrella and use it as a bucket to catch all that we can catch and bask at the feeling of being wet with projects.

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