10 Things About Day One of MICECON 2011

Friday, August 12, 2011


1.      Festive

Colorful dancers and anime cosplayers welcome the delegates as they enter CICC. During the night, the intensity of the dancers become more intoxicating as they grew in numbers and their performance becomes higher.


Food overflow –  colorful and delicious. Local and innovative. I gained a lot of pounds in the belly as a result.


MICECON was held alongside ONE Cebu exhibition so the Cebu business industry is in full display – furniture, foods, and crafts.  A lot of goodies to see, buy and be part of.


MICE is a small industry in the country. You find your friends this makes the event the more enjoyable

Friends (New)

Of course, automatically new friends are gained makes your circle of influence bigger.

Event Design 
      The stage is clean and design simple but wow. Lighting designs are right for the event and mood that the event wants to convey.

Fashion Show

I love the fashion show where the collection of Cary Santiago was shown. It gives exuberance so fresh like an air that blows cold in your face. Indeed, refreshing.

Quality Networks

It not only about friendships, MICECON 2011 instantly gave quality networks that will eventually be instrumental in future business projects and endeavor.


The DOT Secretary, Two Provincial Governors, City Mayors, and Tourism Industry Leaders they are all here.

Great Speakers, Great Topics

All across the globe they come here to preach how to maximize MICE. Longtime ago, we used to be leader in Asia in this industry, but forget about the past, it is time to hit the ground running again.  


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