2 Things About Sec. Bertie Lim's Resignation

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

1.  Continuity

A Tourism Plan was crafted and we spent Million of pesos for this. I just hope that there will be continuity of the good projects and action that was started under his term

2. Timeliness

We are in a middle of the biggest event of MICE where every one of the industry players are celebrating and looking forward to the glorious future of a unified MICE industry. Then this sad story explodes in our face. It is not a good sign for our international buyers and visitors that attended MICECON.

Anyways, the Philippines are a beautiful country and product for tourism. For the MICE Industry to prosper a unified action – one that set aside personal interest and upholds the country’s interest is the key to make it again of the top MICE destination in Asia and the World. 

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