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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

As what an old adage goes “music can change the world because it can change people”. Truly music has captured many people in the world. And as we believe this is another way of letting other people knows what and how we feel, when we are muted by our words. Well, what is the relation of music on the upcoming event the 1st Filipino Therapist Expo and Conference?

            Research has shown that music has a profound effect on your body and psyche.In fact there is also a growing field of health care as Music Theraphy which uses music to heal. Music Therapy is an allied health profession and a field of scientific research which studies correlations between the process of clinical therapy and biomusciology, musical acoustics, music theory, psychoacoustics and comparative musicology. Music therapists are found in nearly every area of the helping professions. Some commonly found practices include developmental work (communication, motor skills, etc.) with individuals with special needs, songwriting and listening in reminiscence/orientation work with the elderly, processing and relaxation work, and rhythmic entrainment for physical rehabilitation in stroke victims.
            In line with this growing demand for the Music Therapist, the 1st Filipino therapist is privileged to have one of the Practitioners on the said field. Ms. Celeste Sanchez a Music Therapist will share her knowledge and wide experience on this very specialized field.

Ms.Sanchez is armed with her own visions “to enable persons with developmental disabilities overcome their traumas and become creative, productive, self-reliant whole persons and a mission of providing special education, training, livelihood assistance, rehabilitation and development to persons with developmental disabilities, through music and arts therapy, including the physical, psychosocial, intellectual and spiritual well-being of the beneficiaries”. With this surely she will be able to help us realize that music can be consider as a helping aid and will definitely share broad knowledge and own experience as she manage and encounter instances that lead her to the music therapy industry. As she continuously reaching the goal she manage to have found  founder and chairman of several organization named Divine Mercy Mobile Center of Music & Arts Therapy, Celestials little Angels Foundation, Inc., and PhilipineAsociation of Music and Arts Therapist which are a non-government organization that mainly promotes and provides learning,training, rehabilitation and develop ones disability through music arts and therapy.

Ms. Sanchez has put up recitals that showcase that disabled were able to do things that some taught they can  she still did not consider herself yet as a Music Therapist. Until the time has come that her work was being noticed she was then consider as a Music therapist. Ms. Sanchez has also written two books that were entitled What Music Theraphy Did to George (2005) and Special Songs for Chilren (2005). She is an undergraduate of Master in Special education in De La Salle University, has the Master Classes in Piano in St. Scholastica’s College, Bachelor of Education in Asian Institute of Arts & Sciences, and has undergone into Choral Conducting & Choral Arrangement in University of the Philippines. 

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