5 Things About Bidding in Events Management

Thursday, August 18, 2011


The process is like trekking the top of Mt. Everest (need I say more). Researching and creating a bid proposal is no easy task. 

2.      Detailed

      God is in the details. One missed detail and it might spell the difference to profitability or success of the event. Actually, the first thing is the event organizer winning the bid.

3.      Creative Process

Bidding is a creative process. You must have a vision to see the end of the tunnel. You must have a laser eye to see what will happen to the event from start to finish.

4.      Team Effort

No bid is an island. It is a byproduct of collaboration. It is a handmade of a lot of people.

5.      Cloud 9
      Winning a bid is like being placed in Cloud 9. The process it took to create the bid, present the bid and win the bid is long and winding; and winning it is a spectacular moment that all event organizers will always wanted to undergo.

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