11 Great Productivity Tips

Sunday, April 22, 2012

1. Start your day early - This is probably the number one habit of successful people. Get an early start during the day and you're already ahead of the day. Your mind is fresh so you can get some really important tasks accomplished. Maybe you get your exercise workout before starting work. Or you get an early start at work. But this does not mean less sleep. Early to bed and early to rise. I am on a 10 - 5 am schedule. It works great for me. The morning brain is also the freshest if you've had enough sleep and you can get more done in one hour of morning time than 2 hours later in the day so engage your brain and take advantage of this opportunity.
2. Prioritize - do you have a list of 30 things to do in a day. Well, how about list the top five that have to be addressed that day. Focus on getting a few things accomplished every day instead of trying to set an unrealistic expectations.
3. Work large projects in small increments - for ex: let's say that you need 4 hours to complete something and you keep stalling it because you haven't had the time to do it. How about you make a commitment to address it 15 minutes a day. Working on projects in small increments of time can be very effective in getting it DONE. Another example is organizing your basement. Do you have a whole week to spare to organize 10 years of stuff in your basement...probably not. So one of your yearly goal is to clear out the basement. You can do that by let's say 15 minutes a day 3 times a week. Before you know it, your basement starts to clear up slowly but surely. This rule is especially effective for these types of projects.
4. Get the most important items completed before 1 pm. My mind and body tends to slow down as the day goes on so take advantage of you being your best during the earlier part of the day to take care of the most important tasks at hand.
5. Refuel your body and mind throughout the day. Take a break from the computer to stretch often, to eat a healthy snack (key is healthy), or simply take a moment to meditate or work on something you enjoy for a few minutes. Then get back to what you are working on.
6. Plan your week. Take some time to plan your week coming up. When are you going to try to get all your workouts in? Sometimes things that are important but not urgent never get taken care of like exercise, eating healthy, or spending time with your kids. It's easy to be on auto-mode and keep plugging away at work without thinking of the bigger picture of your life. So take an hour out of a Sunday and plan your week out. It becomes your roadmap.
7. Do everything with a purpose. Sometimes we tend to be on auto-pilot. Is there a job that you hate or no longer enjoy. There are people out there who have never worked a day in their life b/c they simply love what they do w/ a passion. You can do that too even if you're currently in a job that you "less than love" (ok hate), you can slowly align your goals and yourself in a way to eventually quit what you hate doing and start making money in something you love to do.
8. Divide your time into 2 hour increments and really think about what you want to accomplish during those 2 hours. Write them down if you have to...this is especially great if you have a lot that you have to accomplish that day and you need to make every hour count. Or use this concept to re-focus on what needs to be done.
9. Take note of activities that consume your time and take away from productivity. Are you obsessed w/ your blackberry; do you find yourself going on Facebook 12 times a day...there might be obsessive habits that take away from your productivity. Take a note of it and consciously work on reducing or eliminating these obsessive habits that take away from things that are important. I'm not saying that you can't unwind and take time out to simply do something that relaxes you.
10. Schedule time to organize your life. Take one day out of the week to organize your paperwork, your office, your home, your computer files, etc. When you live an uncluttered life, you tend to stay focused and clear.
11. Take time to fuel your soul and your spirit. Meditation, Yoga, a good exercise routine, giving your time to your favorite charity, visualization, walks in the parks, dance classes, art classes, etc. What do you love to do? Take time to do this and you will not only be happier, your productivity will increase.
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