5 Steps to Develop Abundance Mentality

Monday, April 16, 2012

Developing an abundance mentality is one of the most powerful ways to succeed in life. If you haven't heard of this before, then you are missing out on golden opportunities to make something of your life.
Read on to learn how to develop the abundance mentality.
Step 1: Dream Big.
When you sit down with yourself to create a list of goals and ambitions, don't try scaling them down just because you think they're larger than life. Dreams are supposed to be that way.
Just because your parents are contented with their lives doesn't mean that you have to be satisfied with yours as well.
The bigger you dream, the more determined you are to work towards achieving it. And the more passionate you work, the more open you are to receive abundance and prosperity.
Step 2: Be Positive.
Having an abundance mentality means adopting a positive attitude. Nothing should get you down easily. When someone tells you that you can't do something, tell yourself that you can and you will.
Feed that fire inside of you and treat every obstacle as an opportunity to become a better person. With this kind of thinking, you are successfully inviting and manifesting prosperity into your life.
Step 3: Learn To Ask.
Having an abundance mentality also means knowing how to ask for things. While the universe has a way of knowing what you want, it's not the same as asking the universe for what you want.
When you ask (whether in prayer, writing or mantra), you are formally claiming your right to achieve and receive something. Once you ask, that's when things will start moving in your direction.
Step 4: Sit Back And Relax.
Knowing that abundance is on its way to your doorstep, take the time to relax. The blessings you are asking for will be given to you.
Be grateful, for you know that you are to receive exactly what you asked for and maybe more. Fidgeting around will not be of any help to you.
Step 5: Be Generous.
Do you believe in karma? The abundance mentality does have something to do with it as well. When you do something nice for others, prosperity will always find its way back to you.
Just a simple gesture of friendliness, for example, can go a long way. Life has a way of getting back at you. Now whether it comes back positively or negatively is up to you.
Having the abundance mentality is extremely important. Anyone can do this. It doesn't matter whether you are currently rich or poor, strong or weak. If you put your mind to sit, prosperity and abundance will surely follow.
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