Advertising and Event Suppliers Conference and Expo

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Advertising and Event Suppliers Conference and Expo, November 13,2012 at Bayanihan Center, Pioneer St., Pasig City - I am excited about this one, excited because I get to here local experts that will share the latest technology and science about their craft.

This is the learning event I am looking for about advertising and event suppliers, and I just can’t wait to be in the actual event to rub elbows with the experts and fellow practitioners of the industry.

B2B Expo – by appointment only Trade Expo

This one is definitely a must join B2B expo. You get to talk with potential clients in an environment where the main objective is to do business. If not create a connection with clients you have been aching to talk with.

First, it is hard to get pass the gatekeepers of different big and medium companies. But here, these companies will be sending in their representatives to talk to potential advertising and event suppliers participating in the trade expo.

Counting the benefits of the trade expo makes me smile and look forward to the actual event where we can engage these target buyers that my organization can partner and serve.

In my mind, seeing the event in the actual day even if it is still two months away is sort of a special feeling. A special feeling that forms a mind bubble with these bold words forming        

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