Event Management Lessons from the Book Divergent

Friday, August 24, 2012

It’s crazy but sometimes you get inspirations from unexpected areas. As a professional events manager and organizer, I do sometimes stumble lessons from areas I never imagine will contribute in making me a better member of my industry.

I just finished reading the Divergent written by Veronica Roth, gobbled the book for two days and putting it down satisfied and wanting for more. But before I discuss further the ecstasy I got from flipping the pages of the book, here are event management lessons I learned from Divergent.


Always remember that events have a peaceful side, and you need to also be at peace with the environment you are gravitating around, even though sometimes it is chaotic. Be reminded there is beauty in chaos, and after chaos comes order – so true in events.


How many times have we seen projects failed because of the lack of honesty among members of the event committees. Candor or honesty makes communication meaningful. It also makes pre-event and actual event implementation easy to manage when you have honest personnel that supply you with accurate data. 

The saying “GOD is in the Details” can only happen if we are honest enough to admit we overlooked a detail and report it or rectify it, and not hide it under the rug.


A lot of people think event is easy but lack of erudite leaders and staff can mean catastrophe. If we want to make sure we avoid faux pas we need to ensure everybody is knowledgeable in what they do and what roles they play in the scheme of things in creating a successful event.


Creating an event is not about one single person making it happen. It is always a team effort and abnegation allows individual members to pool their talents to make the event successful. In addition, we need abnegation to be present among event leaders to set a good example to members. 

Again, there is no I in TEAMWORK.


Creating Mega Events need dauntless people. Say for example Olympics, bidding and staging it in a particular country is a gargantuan task only dauntless will be willing to grab. Every time an event organizer or producer creates an event, big investment is involve. You need the courage to bite the bullet and realize the vision you set for the event.


Finally, the secret to being a successful event manager or organizer is to be divergent. We cannot be conformist, we must always offer something different. Divergents do not need to do what is accepted, divergents create fresh events or something that disrupts the current traditional events. In marketing language, you need to be a Purple Cow or be a Blue Ocean Strategist.

Lastly, let me admit to you one thing I am Divergent and I am just beginning to disrupt your normal way of experiencing events J

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