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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

In my recent Event Management lecture at a membership based association of entrepreneurs, I was asked by one of the attendees why is it not important to think of the budget first before creating an event.

He eagerly awaited my answer as I requested him to wait as I unfold my lecture slide per slide. When the time is ripe I answered his question. I told him and the whole audience that in creating an event one must first think what will be the contribution of the event to the betterment of the society before continuing to move forward.

It is this that he felt puzzled. The attendee believes that budget must first take precedent in order to avoid risks and ensure profitability. My answer is not exactly what he expected.
The truth of the matter is we must always put first the benefits that the event can give to the society or a particular segment of the society before pushing forward because it is the best way to ensure profitability.

For example, Exlinkevents created the first Customer Loyalty and Rewards Conference. This generated excitement and a lot of participants from companies that already are implementing Loyalty and Rewards Program but are looking to upgrade and develop it further. They saw that the conference is the event that they are looking for and that no one in the market is offering this needs.

We created the event not thinking first the budget and the risk that a new concept entails. We created it thinking that it is needed and will benefit companies in retaining and creating loyal customers. In accomplishing this, we strongly believe that companies can further experience growth.

After a lot of explanation and convincing, I used the powerful “ADD VALUE” to the society when you start a business or create an event. In the end the audience and the attendee that asked the question were convinced.

I strongly drive this point by quoting Zig Ziglar’s “People will not care until they see and feel that you care for them”. Not exactly the precise words used by Ziglar but in essence it is what he said, a saying so true in our society.

Again, in anything you do before you start to create it you must always bear in mind that ADDING VALUE is the first and most important step one must take in event creation or project creation.

I saw the eyes of the entrepreneurs after the seminar and they are all shining emitting to me that they understood what I am driving deep into their hearts.

In return, I just smile secretly as the time I spent with them did not go to waste.

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