Dry Run and Technical Meetings in Events Management in the Philippines

Monday, October 01, 2012

Practice makes perfect. It sounds cliché but it is so critical in events management. How many times have we experienced problems that pop out all because we failed to discuss and conduct dry runs and technical meetings?

In events, we always say that the actual implementation is just the reward of the pre-event planning that your team worked hard for. One of the critical moments in the pre-event planning is conducting dry runs and technical meetings.

Dry runs and technical meetings is precisely what will take place in the actual event. The more you know, the more you are confident that it can be done. This is the mantra that you and a lot of people wanting to create an event must have in mind.

Knowledge is confidence. It is minimizing Murphy’s Law. It is preparing your mental abilities to what will happen. It is event management.

I for one have a lot of experiences of how important dry runs and technical meetings are. In some instances, I was witness and sometimes part of events that encountered problems coming from areas of the event that we are not able to discuss during the technical meetings or conduct during the dry run.

As I always say, GOD IS IN THE DETAILS. Dry runs and technical meetings are the important pages of this important rule.

Nobody is perfect. But in events you must strive for perfection. To err is human. In events to err is a mortal sin.

Perfection can be achieved in events because of the technical meetings where each details and key result areas are discussed. Perfection can be attained when we conduct dry run because we see the possibilities of our plan and its bad side that can be corrected before the actual event.

I believe I have given reasons and arguments why we must all conduct dry runs and technical meetings. I don’t care how easy or small the events are, when Murphy’s Law strikes you cannot do anything about it. The only force that can defeat Murphy’s Law lies in dry runs and technical meetings.

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