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Sunday, September 09, 2012

It is less than three weeks to go. I saw that the delegates I.D.s are being printed and prepared. All the speakers need is taken cared. I am excited to meet the two speakers from Singapore. As usual, the support of the Department of Tourism (DOT) thru Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) of providing a meet and greet contingency is essential to wow the foreign speakers. Our transportation partner, AVIS, is always there willing to lend a hand.

But wait before I go to the details of the frenetic pace that we are deep within I would like to reveal to you something and answer the important question of why you should be attending the first Customer Loyalty Conference and Expo in the Philippines.

The Top 3 Reasons Why Attend the Customer Loyalty Conference and Expo

1.       New Scientific Knowledge

This is what the event is all about. The event will give you new and additional knowledge as a marketer and customer loyalty chief on how to attract repetitively your customers.

A lot of over assuming marketers claim this is an easy job. The marketers that over assumed suffered the consequences of the competition stealing their customers. They watched on bended knees as they witness how their once mighty companies got burned and turned into rubbles (I am not kidding, this is a true story not mere poetics).

They say the most important customers are your old customers – customers that have tried repeatedly your products and services. The challenge is how do you keep them and make them excited to your products and services?

The Customer Loyalty Conference and Expo have some answers that you will find very useful.

2.       Creative Strategies

The event is a pool of ideas waiting for your magical hands to convert it to one winning strategy. Each one of us has a different level of experience. Each one of us attending the event will have different strategic ruminations on the information that we will absorb.

This part is what excites me to see you in the event. This part is what I can guarantee that you will bring after the event and once you returned to your office.

3.       Strong Network

No man is an island. Therefore, feel the energy around you and take some. You can get it with your co-delegates. You will have new friends and partners waiting to share the same passion that you have of turning customer life partners with your company.

Of course, we are ready for you. We are ready to serve your needs, because we are so thankful that you made the success of the event possible.

Lastly, consider us a friend now. Let us grow our understanding of Loyalty and Rewards program. Let us make our customers happy and loyal by using and maximizing the power of this tool. If we do this right, we can grow our companies and help better our life and the lives around us.

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