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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

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There are a lot of print companies abroad that are now closed (may they rest in peace!). However, in the Philippines print media is giving a strong stand and data shows that newspapers remain a firm favorite in 2011, with 30 percent of the population reading one or more local language or English titles, while close to 22 percent read magazines. (Synovate). The country has an estimated population of 95 million.

The recent United Print Media Group (UPMG) Conference last September 4-5, 2012 at Manila Hotel generated a strong attendance. This indicates that print media is here to stay.

However, as the internet penetration becomes stronger in the country and environmental awareness on forests preservation becomes a top priority we will see print media evolve.

Yes evolve.

First, its evolution will demand lesser paper or that paper will take another form. What we call print today will be different tomorrow.

Second, prints content will be the reason why it will survive. Compared to contents on twitter, facebook and other digital sources of information print’s content is in depth and painstakingly created by professionals of the craft.

Third, the credibility and accountability of prints information sharing is a feature that people will find hard to let go.

Definitely, it will evolve and must evolve or else it will be part of the dustbin of history just like my beloved typewriter.

Lastly, I conclude that UPMG’s open communication with its membership will create solutions to this very challenging task.

In the recent UPMG Conference, I got a chance to listen to the UPMG members during the Open Space Technology sessions that are taking place, the ideas generated are impressive. This moment erased my doubts on the future of print media in the country. It will survive.

These claims are just my two cents.   

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