Top 3 Reasons Why Advertising and Event Suppliers Must Invest on Learning

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

There is no doubt that the landscape in advertising products and services has changed dramatically. In some forums and coffee table discussions the trend that companies are cutting back on traditional ads are very much talked about. Another trend that adds a kick on these gatherings is the increased budget allotment in events to promote companies’ products and services.

Of course, as one of the event suppliers I am too happy to hear this news. However, one of the clamors of companies is the scarcity of available suppliers – professional and well trained.

The question now is why is there a need for advertising and event suppliers to continuously learn and improve their craft. Here are the 3 top reasons:

1.       Event Management is Critical to the Success of the Brand

As more companies venture into event as a medium in promoting their products and services, the event becomes critical in communicating the brand personality of a particular products and services. Therefore, the room for error in the advertising and event companies executing an event becomes slim to zero.

2.       Execution of Event Must Always Offer Novelty

Continuously learning and grabbing any related conferences and learning forums that will improve the suppliers is a must. Ideas can only be generated by a pregnant mind. A pregnant mind is produced by observing and listening to great ideas.

A Novelty Idea is what will separate a brand to another brand. Most of the times, event concept is demanded to advertising and event suppliers. You cannot give what you don’t have. In this dictum, learn continuously or die.

3.       Event Management Companies Must Create Order in Chaos
A lot of details are needed to be addressed during the pre-event implementation. More details are tackled in the actual event. If the advertising and event suppliers are not prepared there will be an explosion and implosion – a great catastrophe in the actual event. The by-product will be an irate client and consumers or visitors.

Advertising and event suppliers first and foremost must have the skill to create order on what seems to be a chaotic environment bereft of structure. It is what the clients paid for. You can only have that capability if you continuously learn the craft and monitor the small trends taking place in the industry.

Maybe you have better ideas why advertising and event suppliers must embrace a learning culture I will be happy to know it.

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