3 Event Management Lessons on My Trip to Calaguas Island

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Nature is a rich resource of event management lessons.

I got another one in my trip to Calaguas Island. You see going to the paradise called Calaguas Island entails a challenge. The challenge is to navigate and remain calm in the middle of a very unforgiving sea with waves that can go as high as a Cathedral. Luckily, for Exlinkevents group we encountered a wave as high as 2.5 meters.

The event management lessons that I got from this trip are these:

1.    Event Management is like a boat trip to Calaguas Island, you first must encounter the unforgiving challenges of the waves before you get to enjoy paradise.

Fear has no room in this endeavor of managing events. In order to execute and implement an event that meets expectations of your clients and group you must be willing to face the waves of problems that sometimes are as high as a cathedral.

2.    Event Management is like a boat driver. The more you are competent, the more you are confident to navigate the boat safely to shore.

Our boat driver is a tried and tested boat driver. He knows how to tame the swells that our boat encounters. This is the reason why we are able to safely reach our destination. The same is true to events manager. The more an events manager acquires experience in the field, the more he can control the outcome of the events. The more the events manager acquires experience, the more the probability of success is assured.

3.    Event Management is like a boat driver that having competence knows how to have fun in the middle of the unforgiving sea.

Despite the big waves that makes you feel like you are in a scene of the movie “Perfect Storm”, I saw our boat driver smiling and so relax. In fact, he is making fun of one of the 
Exlinkevents who seems on the brink of a nervous breakdown.

This is also true for events manager who are like boat drivers who have acquired expertise and can laugh at the challenges that are sometimes impossible to solve. The reason the events manager can relax or be humorous is because his competence gave him the power to see the solutions and tame the waves of challenges that are crashing into his projects.

I am very thankful for Calaguas Island for these 3 lessons. I am looking forward to ride again the waves that makes this paradise special.

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