My Top 5 Event and Project Management Apps

Friday, December 14, 2012

I see a lot of apps that improves productivity. I love the apps but it seems you get to choose one that fits for your liking and needs.

I share the following apps I use in my event management. These apps I use every day and enjoy every single minute of using them. Yes, it increased my productivity.

1.    Taptodo

This app is a simple to do list. It is paid app but the ease that allows me to create a list and categorize it make this app a very valuable companion.

2.    Weather

This app is already embedded in the iphone and it helps me a lot in predicting actions that should be undertaken during the time of the actual events. It also put you some cushion versus paranoia about what the weather will be in your actual event.

3.    DocsToGo

Another paid app, it allows you to see and create documents in your iphone and ipad. This is what I use to review my checklists and other important documents. This allows me to save papers and reduce my carbon foot print.

4.    Notes

A free app, it is included in the iphone and I integrated it in my email. This means whenever I take down notes and saved it, automatically it is also sent or saved into my email. This is one cool feature.

5.    Keynote

I use this in my presentation to clients and during my talks to seminars. Add to the fact that it has Keynote Remote where you can talk and use your iphone as clicker and your ipad your laptop. Super cool and easy, this makes my job even more enjoyable.

The year 2012 is almost gone and I am looking forward to adding productivity apps in my arsenal. I hope app developers create more affordable and integrated apps that I can use in my event and project management.

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