My Exlinkevents Awesome 12 - Part 2

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

7. A New Dawn for an Important Industry - Advertising and Event Suppliers Conference and Expo

As one of the officers of Advertising Suppliers Association of the Philippines (ASAP), I am happy to be the leading proponent to have an event that will combine the suppliers and clients in a conference that will enlighten the suppliers of the industry. It is a first time for the association. The event generated a lot of positive results. This is enough for me to be thankful and be humbled from the experience.

8. A Start of a Mission - MICE 101

Again, I am a serial starter. In the Philippine Association of Convention, Exhibition Organizers and Suppliers (PACEOS) which I am also a board of director, I spearheaded MICE 101 an idea to educate future MICE players. There are no seminars for this industry in the country and this was the first. Again, the results are outstanding. My smile is wide that it reaches both ends of my ears. MICE stand for Meetings, Incentive Travel, Convention and Exhibition - we aim to claim our lost spot in Asia in this industry.

9. A Fruitful Meeting and Trip – Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan

Meet the Palawan Tourism Office – check. Forge partnership – check. Visit the Crocodile Farm and eat crocodile meat – check. Visit the Underground River – check. Eat Vietnamese food with the local twist – check. Honda Bay – check. All I can say is that I will be back in Palawan since I left my heart there.

10. A Challenge, a Fun Wrapped into One – Being Appointed as Head of the Ad Congress 2013 Trade Exhibition

I love Ad Congress. This is one of the best events in the country. This is one of the best events to learn. To be given responsibility to head a critical area. Boy oh boy that is more fun. My competitive juice is up. I am looking forward to meet the expectations of the Executive Committee and the people who believed in me this Ad Congress 2013.

11. A Confirmation – Published in PANA’s Ad Edge Magazine

One blog article I wrote got the people behind Ad Edge interested. This leads to a communication and the rest is history. Although there is an honorarium that goes along with it but I remember my feelings when one of my poems got published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Honorarium does not matter what matter is that special feeling of getting acknowledged for your hard and excellent work.

12. An Event to Say Thank You - FBW Meet-up

I call this a landmark achievement of being able to convince the FBW Family to have an event inside one of our events. The reason is simple online friends need to meet offline. This group is a family for me. Seriously, to see in person the people I engage daily online is another experience that makes you smile on life’s simple pleasure.

I wanted to add other things that makes this year awesome but I think just to recount these 12 things is sufficient enough to say that blessings overflowed this year in my path in the events management industry. I am looking forward to claiming what is in store for me this coming years – ooh I can’t wait.

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