The Power of Reciprocity: The FBW Experience

Monday, December 10, 2012

What you sow is what you reap.

This is a commonplace knowledge that a lot of people seems to forget or ignore - precisely because it is simple. But there is nothing simple about this concept. This concept requires an open heart. This concept requires selflessness. So in my journey with life I feel the lightness of my being when I encounter a person or a group that practice this concept with dedication and passion.

I focus my attention to Filipino Bloggers Worldwide (FBW). This is one group that you can see the power of reciprocity in full practice. The leaders are there driving the whole group to give what should be given. They also ensure that those that give take what they must take.

Social Bingo - the more you know the more you want to know!

They say excellence is achieved by establishing a habit. In FBW, a good habit worthy of emulation is practiced.

3 of the best FBW Travel Bloggers for 2012

Therefore, when an opportunity presents itself for me to show my big love and thank you for the group I did not hesitate. When the leaders or admins as we call them agreed the rest is history.

The first Filipino Bloggers Night took place. It happened with a bang!

As I saw the bloggers that I meet online in person I am extremely happy. Hubris might be the right word. What is more gratifying than talking face-to-face with people you admired online.

Social Media according to Jason Cruz - Evergreen!

I am still in cloud 9 because of this experience. I have created and involved myself in with a lot of events. I say that the FBW Bloggers Night is one of the events I consider on top of my lists.

Reciprocity in a virtual space that translates into the physical space – this is pure magic.

This is FBW.

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