3 Reasons to have a Telemarketers Summit

Friday, January 11, 2013

People are asking me if there is a need to have a Telemarketers Summit in this time and age of computer and automation. My answer is why not?

Why not do a Telemarketers Summit when one of the highest contributors to our economy is Telemarketing or known in another name as Outbound Call Center.

In our present landscape where 96% of the companies are small and medium enterprises (SMEs) who do not have access to high end communication technology (not yet but I hope the time comes it will be affordable), telemarketing is used by these enterprises.

Ergo, the need for Telemarketers Summit – a learning event where SMEs and large companies can further hone the skills of their telemarketers.

I think these are the three compelling reasons why Telemarketers Summit must take place and grow:

1.    An Effective B2B Tool

Telemarketing used correctly is an effective Business to Business tool. It allows the owner of a company to talk to the right people – the decision makers that can do business with his company.

2.    An Effective Lead Generator

Telemarketers provided with the right database can create leads that can do business with the company telemarketers are serving or working with. The best examples here are hotels and banks where I received a lot of calls from telemarketers – I ended up giving business to the companies they represented.

3.    An Effective Relationship Marketing Tool

Business is about relationships. Telemarketing is a conversation between seller and potential buyer. Telemarketing used by a competent telemarketer can establish relationships with customers. The best thing about it is that the relationship can last a longer period of time.

Now having revealed these reasons even I can’t help attending and listening to the speakers of the Telemarketers Summit.

I am so excited that I feel my heart is ringing. 

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