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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

He is quiet. He just seat in his corner cubicle and opens his work computer. After this simple ritual, he clicks the adobe Photoshop icon and a new world is created, a new universe traversed.

He has been wielding his magic in Exlinkevents for five years by creating logos and other graphic design requirements of the organization and clients.

Yes, he is quiet like graphic artists are. But make no mistakes about him, his scarce shared observations and comments are deep and sometimes mental. It is a sort of out of this world experience that gives you a wide grin or sometimes asphyxiation for laughing too much.

He only talks a lot when he is drunk and it happens during company outings.

He is quiet but his silence is the calmness that allowed Exlinkevents to have wonderful logos and designs, for five years that has been the case and will continue to be a commonplace to this chaotic world that he seems not to mind.

So Fox I raise a toast to this long overdue piece.

Thank you very much Fox for spending your five years in Exlinkevents productively. We hope to have you for many more years to come.  

And please remind me, we will have to change the red wine you are holding into Mardi Gras Vodka the only key to make you express your PURE LOVE ( if you know what I mean). 

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