The Butterfly Effect - ASAP's Intellectual Property Rights Cover

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

The ASAP Intellectual Property Right Presentation Cover

Last year, the event sector of the Advertising Suppliers Association of the Philippines agreed to implement this year 2013 the Intellectual Property Rights Cover Page.

This cover page is a milestone. This simple but meaningful cover page informs the clients that all materials presented by ASAP members are their properties and may not, except with our expressed written permission, distribute or commercially exploit the content. Nor may you transmit it or store it in any other physical form or in other forms of electronic retrieval systems.

The Philippines Intellectual Property Code is one of the best laws in Asia. In fact, in one of the forums I have attended it was revealed that some countries use our law as benchmarks in crafting and improving their own Intellectual Property Code.

Since ASAP members are one of the best producers of creative concepts, its members are also the first to experience violation of their intellectual property rights.
In order to minimize and improve this situation, the Intellectual Property Rights Cover Page will be a standard staple in all presentations of ASAP members.

The Intellectual Property Rights Cover is hoped to act as one of the powerful means to educate and inform clients of the intellectual property rights of their partner suppliers. It is hoped that by including this cover page in presentations to all bidding materials of ASAP members violations committed by clients knowingly and unknowingly on this particular critical area will be lessened, or at best eliminated.

The Philippines is a nation of creative people. All over the world we are recognized and tapped for our creativity. This gift must be protected and respected; most especially, inside our country and in our industry.

There are two theories that come along with this action of ASAP in implementing the Intellectual Property Rights Cover Page. One is the “Broken Windows Theory” – this theory is popular in New York under Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

During Mayor Giuliani’s term they found out that by repairing and preventing people in the ghetto in breaking the glass of windows in their community, they were able to eliminate crimes in that particular area. In addition, when the safety and security condition of that particular ghetto (a place where the highest number of crimes was recorded) improved, the nearby areas safety and security condition also improved.

This leads me to my second theory the “Butterfly Effect” which means that a butterfly that flaps its wings can alter the direction of the wind and, even, cause a major storm in another part of the world.

The second theory is akin to a ripple effect. The ASAP Intellectual Property Rights Cover Page if whole heartedly practiced by the members can create a healthy condition for our concepts, ideas and other things related to the creative process; and be given importance and respected by our clients.

We can even be the best case study on how Intellectual Property Rights are valued, but this is getting ahead of myself and the challenges our sector and ASAP members face in realizing this critical goal.

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