Philippine Tourism Congress – The Tourism Industry is Exciting!

Monday, February 04, 2013

FULL PACK - Tourism Congress Members and Stakeholders attend the event

Last January 31, 2013 the Philippine Tourism Congress was held gathering all members of the industry. This is the second time the tourism congress was held. Compared last year where it is beset by problems on how to maximize this tool, the Tourism Congress this year is full of positive reports. 

In addition, the Tourism Congress is a forum where members, as far as Mindanao region, were able to voice their concerns.

The event’s theme “Philippine Tourism Towards Global Competitiveness and Sustainability” is very evident in the roster of speakers and the updates presented to the congress.

The Tourism Congress was attended by Hon. Ramon Jimenez, Sec. of the Department of Tourism, Under Secretary Daniel Corpuz, Tourism Planning and Promotions, Under Secretary Ma. Victoria Jasmin, Tourism Regulation, Coordination and Resource Generation, Hon. Domingo Ramon Enerio III, COO, Tourism Promotions Board, Hon. Lorenzo Formoso, COO, Duty Free Philippines, Hon. Mark Lapid, COO, TIEZA.

All official gave positive reports that energize the congress. One of the positive news these officials shared is the breaching of 4 Million visitors that was achieved last year. Also, another thing to rejoice is the approved infrastructure projects that will definitely impact the progress of the industry.

I also wanted to give special mention to the emphasis place by Hon. Enerio about the emphasis on MICE Development and Promotion. However, I wish that besides promoting the country as a MICE destination, the government should have mentioned programs and incentives for MICE Players – I hope my ear is just weak but I did not hear anything on this aspect.

Important topics that were discussed in the event are: Philippine Tourism Towards Global Competitiveness by Mr. Grant Govertsen, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Union Gaming Research; Hospitality and Service Excellence for Global Competitiveness by Mr. Sean Mahoney, ADB Consultant on Skills Development Program for the Philippine Tourism Industry; Sustainable Tourism: Striking a Balance Between the Visitor – Experience, Natural Asset Protection and Direct Community Benefit.

The Davao delegation invitation for delegates to attend the MICECON 2013 is also a fresh sight in the event. The invitation is simple yet creative. Kudos, Davao and right now I know MICECON 2013 is successful because of the very hardworking and responsible Davao team.

The event is also allowed me to reconnect to old acquaintances and partners. Everybody is in a jovial mood. All the people I talked with are messengers of good news. No doubt, the Tourism Industry is on the upswing.

Right now, the country is the Darling of ASEAN. The economic indicators and the thumbs up we are receiving from financial analysts support this fact. But the challenge is to make this growth meaningful to our countrymen and sustainable – this is a challenge all players must join hands to realize.

However, for now what happened and what was accomplished will suffice.
Again, congratulations to a very meaningful tourism congress and let us all go back to buckle down to work.   

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