5 Things to Look Forward in #micecon2013

Monday, March 04, 2013

Two days to go before Davao becomes the hub where tourism industry players all over the country gather.

I am talking about the upcoming MICECON 2013, March 6-9, 2013, SMX Lanang, Davao City – the third year this event will be held. So far, this is one of the most important events in the tourism industry, in particular to the MICE Industry.

Even if MICE is a commonplace word all over Asia Pacific, in the country only few people know and understand what MICE is all about.

For newbies, here are 5 things that you can look forward to in MICECON 2013:

1.    Pre-Conference Activities

This one is a must attend for newbies. This year they are calling the Pre-Conference Activities the Davao Adventure Challenge - it is an activity where intellectual and physical capabilities are a must. Best of all, you learn tourism spots in Davao while playing the game.

2.    The Daily Dress Motif

One thing you will be amazed in this event is the daily dress motif that delegates have to wear. This makes the event colourful, and why not this is a tourism event where glitz and glamour is the order of the day. 

This MICECON 2013 the following thematic dress are required: 1st day: Galactic Explosion (Silver, Gold, Bronze fabric), 2nd day: Convergence (Mosaic or splash of colors), and 3rd day: Breaking Borders (All White Business Attire).

3.    Hotel Tours and Food

Every lunch and special activities are being sponsored by hotels. Delegates get to enjoy the silent competition among sponsoring hotels as they strive to show their best foot forward in courting the MICE players. And yes, delegates are brought to the hotels sponsoring the meals.

4.    The Conference Speakers

All speakers are experts and practitioners. The insights you can generate can propel you to start your own ideation on what action to take as a MICE player. Expect a lot of Wow and Aha moments while listening to these speakers.

Every MICECON, this is the best thing that I enjoy as a MICE Delegate. I am very sure you will too.

5.    New Friends and Business Partners

All delegates are MICE and Tourism players - I am very sure you will find a lot of companies and individuals that will complement your existing business.

This is why you should be in the event. This is the reason why MICECON or other conferences are important. The face-to-face contact enables you to establish relationships. As M.R. Covey espoused, “you can have business in the speed of trust”.

MICECON is one of those events that act as a conduit to allow you to have synergy with other MICE and tourism players.

Lastly, if you see me there or any Exlinkers taking part in the event, you may approach me or us. We love to explore possibilities. Onwards MICE Philippines!

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