#micecon 2013 is a resounding success

Monday, March 11, 2013

MICECON 2013 meets and exceeds the expectations of delegates. The MICECON 2013 held last March 6-9,2013 at SMX Lanang, Davao City showed the readiness of the province and Mindanao to host an important event in the tourism and MICE industry.

The development of Davao’s hotels, venues, and its strong safety and security management are keys in making its bid to be one of the country’s MICE hub. Add the strong people skills and innate hospitality of Davaoenos MICECON 2013 will be one of the benchmarks in future MICECON’s.

No less than, President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III is the keynote speaker of the conference. It is the first time that the President of the Philippines addressed the delegates of MICECON. This signals how important tourism is as one of the key drivers in our economy.

The president signed the Republic Act 10376 as part of the opening rites. RA 10376 grants tax exemptions to international carriers if their countries do the same for those of the Philippines. This new law is expected to significantly increase the number of planes of international airlines that bring tourists to the Philippines and enable the country’s tourism industry to hit its target of 10 million foreign visitor arrivals by 2016.

One of the favourite speakers that inspired the delegates is Matec Villanueva, Chairman and CEO of Publicis Manila. She wowed the crowd by giving insights that connect to the heart of the audience. One of her famous teaching in the event is “Your Brand Ambition must be directly proportional to your budget”.

Another speaker that energized the crowd is Cheryl Cecchetto, Founder and President, Sequoia Productions, USA. Her storytelling and nuggets of wisdom are like magnets that drew the crowd to her. 
Two of her famous tips are: Use Humour as a Trick and Realize the Power of Dream.

Other speakers also delivered what was expected of them. So much information and take home actionable knowledge were shared by the speakers.

MICECON is the biggest gathering of local and foreign delegates, including top executives and representatives of resorts, hotels, travel and tour companies, airlines, professional congress organizers, the academe, local and national tourism government offices, and many related MICE industry suppliers.

The delegates were treated by sumptuous meal from sponsoring hotels like Waterfront Hotel, Marco Polo Hotel, Royal Mandaya Hotel, Apo Hotel and Inland Rose Hotel.

Besides this, during the MICE Marketplace, there was a noticeable increase of buyers and sellers that participated in the event.
Next year’s MICECON will be held in Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga.

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