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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Creating an event is easy, making it successful is difficult.

A lot of people, most especially those who are outside of the event creation process think that events are easy to create. In a way, this is true if you are inside the industry because you are passionate about it. The passion enables you to ignore the hard work in creating the event.

Let us take one of the process essential in creating an event – the brainstorming process or idea creation. This process is tough. One, if you have five people with different ideas and the goal is to crystallize one universal idea that everybody can agree on the brainstorming process might take time. Worst, it may also take a toll on the emotions of five people not accustom to giving way to others ideas.

But I will stand with my first statement: creating an event is easy.

The reason for this is that the event was created in the mental creation process. The real challenge is the physical creation of the event. The IMPLEMENTATION STAGE- the true test if the idea is correct or achieves the objectives set why it was created.

In the implementation side, say for example you created a conference. Everybody agree that it is a great idea but during the selling for sponsorship and generation of delegates you found out that the response of the target audience is lukewarm what do you do?

Most people will melt because of the pressure of making the conference break for profit. This is where the danger lies.

PRESSURE IS GOOD so long it sparks your INTELLIGENCE. It is bad if it makes you EMOTIONAL.

Let me expound on one dictum I live by as an events manager and that I always advice my peers: MORE INTELLIGENCE, LESS EMOTION = BETTER DECISION. Less Intelligence, more emotion = poor decision.

Going back to making the conference that I cited as an example, the key is to innovate or create pricing strategies, negotiate with hotels on the minimum guarantee, even tinker on adjusting the dates just to give it a chance to be successful.

These are basic solutions. There are still other solutions that one can think of if he wills it to think other alternatives in making the event successful.

These solutions are made possible because we opted to the right and better path that is to use more INTELLIGENCE.

They say one of the hardest acts to do is to THINK. This is the reason why a lot of companies hire consultants or experts in a particular critical management area; these hired experts do the thinking for them.

But everybody can maximize their brain. This is why there is a subject matter called emotional quotient where you are made to understand to control that emotion for overtaking yourself.

However, that is another matter up for discussion. The main point is using more your INTELLIGENCE to harness its power and make your event a success.

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