My #micecon2013 Experience

Saturday, March 16, 2013

I think sometimes words are not enough to express your experience in an event you are in. This time around I am convinced about this belief. So here I am selecting some of the photos I have in my #micecon2013 experience.

COLOR ME BADD. #micecon2013 delegates are welcomed by these colorful and smiling greeters. I cannot help but take photos with them. A nice welcome means greater things to come.

Dick Tracy meets Gokou. I remember the child in me. The years when cartoons are my world. Seeing these people are like being in my Saturday Fun Machine world. This is a trip down memory lane.

Beauty and the Beat. The Ms. Davao winners are not only beautiful physically, they are beautiful in character. This shot was made possible by another pageant winner acting as the photographer. Let me say this, the beauty of Pinays shine in Davao.

SMILING COOKS AND WAITERS. I always give credit to where the credit is due. This time around the hard working waiters, chefs and other people that you may not notice in the event but they are the people that are in the background like shadows doing wonders to make delegates like me feel SPECIAL.

A SPLASH OF COLORS. This is one of my favorite pictures in my #micecon2013 experience it captures the essence of the event. You see before the event I am like color white - so bland. During and after #micecon2013 I am full of colors - like a butterfly finally stretching my wings.

COME CLOWN WITH ME. #micecon2013 is a success. One Big reason is that #davao is prepared. The software and hardware of Davao are ready and willing to be the MICE center of Mindanao. So with this clown, we both are expressing our amazement. Truly, Life is Here in Davao! 

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