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Monday, April 29, 2013

The debate over event organizers on what is the right venue for a conference or exhibition is a very important issue.

Choosing the right venue for your business event spells the difference between success and failure. Success here means generating the right impression for the attendees and clients. Success can also mean profitability because the event organizer chooses the right venue.

On the other hand, choosing the wrong venue can spell failure that can sometimes make or break the event organizer.

So here are my humble recommendations as an 11 year old business event organizer.

1.    Choose Hotels for your Conferences

The attendees would love to be in hotels. The learning ambiance is great. As an event organizer, I love to hold conferences in hotels because hotels charge the food of the delegates and not the venue.

However, be mindful of the minimum guaranteed requirement of people imposed by hotels because this is where your project bottom line might turn red.

For example, I have one event organizer who agreed to the hotel’s minimum guaranteed requirement of 500 people at P2, 500.00 foods per delegate. Sadly, only 300 delegates turned-out during the actual day of the event.

The event organizer incurred the lost. So, again be conservative when committing to the hotels when it comes to minimum guaranteed delegates.

2.    Choose Convention Centres for your Exhibition and Congress

If you have trade shows or expos then Convention or Exhibition centers are the best venue for you.

The ease of access of the exhibitors and visitors in convention and exhibition centers make it ideal to conduct B2B and B2C transactions. Besides this, the loading capacity of the venue just in case heavy machines will be displayed is never a problem.

However, the charging of the venue usually is per square meter or per square feet. Also, you pay for the ingress and egress, unlike in hotels where ingress and egress is waived.

3.    CLRS

Each of the letters in CLRS is important and demands your laser like focus. I grouped them into an acronym that sounds like CLEARS. Why? Because if you focus and take each letters into consideration then your business event is a clear winner (pun intended)! So here it goes:

C is for Client or Delegates. What does your client needs and wants? If you can capture it then the event is already 50% successful. I have an event that was held in Ortigas. It was successful but in the event survey a lot of delegates are requesting that the event be held in Makati in its next run.

If we only knew this data in advance, we could have maximized to the fullest the event’s success.

L is for Location. Is it accessible? Are public transportations readily available? Is the location strategic because of the presence of other important establishments? Are peripheral promotions possible?

I always attend this conference in June. However, during this month typhoons always struck the country. Flooding usually happens nearby the conference venue. Even if the content of the conference is great, images of floods and difficulty in going home are associated to the conference. Thank God the organizer of the conference decided to shift to a better venue that started last year.

R is for Reputation. The venue is run by a team. Is the venue team experts? Can this venue team help you on different event situations that may arise?

In one hotel where we staged our event, we normally depend on the staff of the venue. The staffs in this venue are very dependable. In fact, the staff efficiency contributed in our event’s success. In another venue where we held our event, the staffs are lacking in numbers and are not well trained because of this situation we encountered a lot of difficulties. Not only that, we got customer complaints due to the ill equipped staffs that we worked with in the venue.  

S is for Safety and Security. Is the venue you selected gives you peace of mind on the safety and security of the attendees, delegates or visitors?
Although I have no recollection of venues that we used that posed risks to delegates or visitors, for me this is the most critical of all.

Before we think about achieving the vision or the profit of the event we always have to take special considerations on the safety and security of the visitors and delegates.

Accident is the best way to damage your company’s reputation. Most especially if the accident is the result of irresponsible event manager or event organizer.

There you have it. I hope that when you are assigned to be the event organizer or event manager of your corporate event you will remember my tips.

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