Top 3 Things to Expect in Telemarketers Summit

Monday, April 15, 2013

Two weeks left before the first Telemarketers Summit takes place. I am excited to listen to the speakers and learn from them on this basic but very critical aspect of a sales and marketing company – telemarketing.

If you still are having second thoughts on attending this conference here are the top three things that you should expect in the Telemarketers Summit:

1.    Great Speakers

The speakers are experts of the industry and they are engaging speakers. Therefore expect a very edutaining experience (educational and entertaining). They say that education is best acquired if you are enjoying it. All the speakers are ready to rock your brains and give you a shot of energy on the topics assigned to them.

2.    Great Networking

The attendees’ demographics are coming from Sales, Marketing, and HR departments. These varied demographics will allow you to have great opportunity to expand your network in these areas. Who knows you might get the right business partners in your on-going projects.

3.    Great Service

Exlinkers pride themselves for providing great service in all the projects it handled. Attending this conference is such a breeze. All you need to do is be there. If you fear getting lost or confused on the actual event that fear is just an illusion. The staffs are trained to answer all your questions and provide all the things that you may need in the conference.

Of course, there are other aspects that Telemarketers Summit that you will greatly enjoy and benefit from but for now these top three will do.

If you notice these top three all begins with the word “Great”, so the time for indecision is over because definitely attending this will be one of the great learning events you will be attending this year.

By the way, the slots are very limited due to the venue. Right now it is about to be filled. The best advice we can give is call now at 643.3887.

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