Corregidor - A Historical MICE Destination Near the Metro

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Corregidor Island is just one hour and fifteen minutes trip away from Metro Manila Manila using Sun Cruises. It’s nearness to Metro Manila is a huge advantage for Corporate Events, Team Buildings and Specialized Conferences.

Corregidor often called the Rock is rich in history as it was used during Spanish, American and Japanese times as a strategic location for trade and military purposes.

In fact, during the American Era in the country Corregidor was turned into a battleship that can defeat naval fleets bent on entering Manila Bay.

As a MICE Destination Corregidor offers to all the participants focus on the corporate event they are taking part in. It also serves as an incentive travel because of the historical landmarks, forest, and other outdoor activities one can choose to indulge in.

Corregidor’s unique charm refreshes the mind and attaches the soul to important events that make Philippines a proud and brave country. This is the X factor of Corregidor. The small island is an open book that educates any visitor about the history of our country.

Among the highlights of Corregidor as an incentive travel is the experience in the Malinta Tunnel, riding the Tramvia – an American transportation used in the island, visiting the ruins of different barracks, different canons and batteries, the Museum, the Eternal Flame landmark, Japanese Memorial Garden, Japanese Tunnels and a lot more.

Nature also provided the following to Corregidor: great view of sunset and sunrise, great trekking areas, nice running and biking roads, bird watching and the sea shore.

In the afternoon, some fishermen from Cavite and Bataan visit the place to sell their fresh catch. This is one of the idyllic scenes that will make a peaceful indelible mark in your mind.

The Corregidor Hotel, the only hotel in the island boasts 31 rooms. The food is good but if you are feeling the hotel food fatigue you can visit stores below the hotel and they also cook food for you.

In addition, the hotel boasts Spanish and American ambience. It is like riding a time machine. I like my room here. It is a room with a view of the dock and the sea. It is refreshing to wake-up seeing these images when you look at your window.

Again, I highly recommend Corregidor for team buildings (by the way they have packages for this type of activities), strategic planning, sales incentive program, stay-in seminars.

Better yet, you can shoot me a message and let me help you make Corregidor work for your MICE activities.

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