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Thursday, April 11, 2013

After working for months in completing all the elements of your event and striving to make it profitable, the day of reckoning comes.

Right now, we have a conference event: the first Telemarketers Summit that is due to take place two weeks from now. The once peaceful office is again turning to be chaos spelled in big C. Some of the leaders of the team are starting to show lines on their forehead, evidence that the stress is slowly building-up on their emotional make-up.

The plans we written are now under review and meetings are taking place more often than necessary. This indicates that if you want to strive near perfection you cannot leave any stones left unturned. Yes, you cannot leave the event to luck or chance. You have to be, using the word of the great Andew Grove of Intel, “PARANOID” in a positive way because as he firmly believes only the paranoid survives.

The audit of the checklist is becoming a norm rather than a theoretical proposition of insurance of the event. Piece by piece every critical areas of the event are discussed and placed into the magnifying lense.  Indeed, God is in the details but Murphy’s Law has its way of making Comedy out of the serious stuff we are doing.

Two weeks before the event, you see all of the plans that used to be ideas taking its physical forms. The I.D. are there, the photo plates of the speakers, the tokens, the car that will fetch the foreign speakers, the hotel rooms, the sounds system, the stage designs and ad infinitum.

This time around it is not about the question if you know about what you are doing; this time around it is a question of finishing the tasks on time and with quality.

In events, you can never be sure where the glitch will take place or come from.

Events are comprised of people; people who you pray act and perform like machines. The truth however they are people and are not machines. In this reality, you can either get the best or the worst out of them.

But in this particular element, an event becomes exciting. You are up on your toes because you expect that the event will give you an emotional rollercoaster ride; an influx of emotions awaits you. The challenge is not to run away from these situations but to manage it.

I always admire the swans in the pond. They glide effortlessly like prima ballerinas. However, beneath the water are feet that hustle - the best picture of grace under pressure.

The colourful kaleidoscope of moments I described means we are now locked-in, game face on to make another event successful in the eyes of the delegates and partners.

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