Boogs Software Solutions Supports 2nd Customer Loyalty Conference and Expo

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Boogs Software Solutions, a marketing service provider, supports the 2nd Customer Loyalty Conference and Expo at New World Hotel Makati, October 24.

Boogs believes in the power of customer loyalty programmes. It incorporates in its business process a service package of running a program that keeps your customers away from your competitors.
Furthermore, its purpose is not only to gain more customers for its clients but to keep them loyal to their brands.

Since 2002, Boogs has been serving various industries through its roster of marketing solutions. Tracing its roots, it started off as a creator of online and mobile games before hitting the corporate world.
Amspec, manufacturer of Crayola and Monggol, tapped Boogs to develop an interactive, user-friendly and fun-filled game application for kids. Until then, it was considered to be a milestone for this organization.

Moreover, it was able to produce more than 30 games and mobile security application. Pinoy Central and National Telecommunication Center are some of those companies that recognized its existence and expertise.

From game applications, it now shifted to offer diverse marketing services such as the following:

- Direct Message Marketing (Text blast)
-Full-Service Rebate Loyalty Card Programs and Digital and Social Media Marketing
- Digital and Social Media Marketing

Boogs exists not only to give solutions but to establish a relationship with its business partner throughout its business operations.

Being a sponsor for this year’s Loyalty Conference and Expo, Boogs view this as an avenue to implement its mission and to expand its network.

2nd Customer Loyalty Conference and Expo aims to gather thought leaders to share their knowledge in having smarter and more strategic ways of keeping your customers loyal.

The event is  produced and organized event of Ex-link Management and Marketing Services. For more information about the event, call 643.3887 or email

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