What a Fruitful Year of Conference, Exhibition and Event Management

Monday, December 09, 2013

The year is about to end. Although there are still few days before December bid farewell, I cannot help but recollect the superfast year that swooped my way.

Being an event organizer, the life that I fully accepted as my destiny, I am amazed as to how life is a blur albeit full of enriching adventures and learnings.

Breakthroughs this year:

1.      Telemarketing Conference;
2.      Big Data Conference;
3.      International Beauty, Health and Wellness Expo;
4.      Management of Bank Marketing Managers Association of the Philippines;
5.      Winning Bid for Ad Summit;
6.      Winning Bid for International Gamefowl Festival;
7.      Winning Bid for Digital Asia;
8.      Numerous New Accounts on Corporate Events.

Continuous Success:

1.      Loyalty and Rewards Conference
2.      Realty Expo
3.      International Travel Festival
4.      MegaBalikbayan OFW Expo

Magic Zones

Magic zone is like being in the zone as a basketball player. In particular, I am talking about projects that cannot be revealed as of the moment, increased number of leaders in the organization, and a burgeoning industry.

But life is not that easy. There are a lot of trials along the way and for me these trials are the secret sauce for the success you reap.

Event management in the Philippines in particular Business Events Management has a long way to go and for now I feel our group has the razor sharp edge to move forward and lead the pack in this niche that we created.

Insatiable Appetite for Event Management Challenge

This is the key I guess, to be on your toes and to never be relaxed event success after success comes your way. In addition, always dedicate and create projects that will have impact your country and the society.

The learning curve is still big and the room to fill bigger but for now THANKFULLNESS is the word that occupies my heart – you cannot helped but be thankful upon realizing that event management is you and you are the event management.

Zen occurs like watching the lotus in the still water.

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