Marketing Collateral in Events and Expo in the 21st Century

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Technology changed the game in the way we promote and market our products. This change spilled in the tradeshow floor.

Here are the marketing collaterals that you must have in promoting your products and services in exhibition.

1.    QR Code

Save the paper, Quick Response Code (QR Code) is the best way to transfer your information to potential buyers in an instant. Although QR code in the country is highly dependent on the strength of internet connection. Still, it save paper and give buyers comfort by doing away in carrying heavy brochures.

2.    Augmented Reality

Attraction is the name of the game and augmented reality ranks one of the highest in creating magnet to visitors walking around the show area.

3.    Near Field Technology

This technology allows you to invite people near your area and offer them anything valuable that will lure them in your booth.

4.    Loyalty and Rewards Card

Who does not love rewards? This is one tool that you can miss in order to get visitors and buyers running towards your booth.

5.    LED Interactive Screen

The gamification of promoting your products and services is a must. One way is to have an interactive game using LED screen. I was witness to one event where the use of XBOX connected to LED where people are allowed to try Dance Revolution made a great business gimmick in the show area. 

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