10 Marketing Concepts I Learned from Asian Marketing Congress

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Asian Marketing Congress has ended but the beautiful and awesome ideas I got are like a downpour of rain – refreshing!

1.  Monotasking

Multitasking is dead. In the coming years, companies will be demanding quality of work and this gives life to monotasking. Monotasking allows individuals to be focused and more effective in finishing one task at a time. I can’t wait for this to be a commonplace.

2. Party-cipation

All events should be like this. I wanted to see this becoming a common fixture in learning events. Yeah, I want delegates PARTY-cipation

3.    FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

This will continue to be a common behavioral response of the Millenials and marketing professionals will continue to take advantage of this knowledge by creating messages aim at stirring FOMO in all of us.

4.    Sympathetic Pricing

As brands strive deeper human connection, sympathetic pricing will be one of the strategies or tactics to show and develop this humane connection. I love this because brands now will be able to transcend themselves other than being perceived as greedy and profit driven entities.

    5.    Fast Retailing

Fast Retailing a strategy used by Zara and Uniqlo (to mention a few) will become intense in the coming years. The upside being new fashion trends becoming accessible to the public at an affordable cost. I see this being an exciting joy ride for the retailing industry.

   6. VolunTourism

This will be a big trend on the coming years to come in the tourism industry. As we become involved in our environment, tourists will be compelled to add value in places they visit. This trend will make sustainability possible in this area of our life.

  7. Deteching

Deteching is the new detox. As technology overruns our life and we become dependent of it. A lot of people will embrace Deteching as an escape or respite for this overwhelming technology. A lot of brands will use Deteching as a marketing campaign to connect with their consumers. I already saw a campaign that used this strategy as of this writing and a lot more to follow along this line.

8      8. Little Emperor

The Little Emperor syndrome brought upon China’s one child policy is a marketing and sociological challenge that will have an impact in years to come as this Little Emperors grow and their affluence increased.

A marketer can take advantage of this in selling high-ticket products and experience.

9.  Brand Virgins

Brand Virgins is a segment marketers need to capture. They are new to the brand and will need better attention and care so that they can slowly but surely be intimately connected to the brand.

10.  Status Stories

As more and more brands appreciate creating stories to connect to their target market, status stories will be more prevalent in the way they communicate to their market. This is because of the rise of the numbers of the affluent and the need to fulfill the aspirations of those dreaming to become part of the affluent group.

There you are the top 10 concepts I learned and loved in the recent Asian Marketing Congress.

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