The 8 Cs of Professional Event Management Team

Monday, September 15, 2014

In event management,  in order to be successful, it is all about creating a culture of teamwork.

I have been through a lot of events and challenging event situations, having a team with the right culture and disposition is critical in achieving the objectives of the event or implementing a seamless operation.

However, each member of the team must have common characteristics. Indeed it is a team game but individuals matter.

I have 8Cs that I teach and monitor to all my team members. This 8Cs ensure that I have strong member individuals and a great team.

Here are my 8Cs of event management:


The state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc. is the most important C in event management. Without the commitment of all members the event is destined to failure.

I always look for my teammates commitment in accomplishing their roles and responsibilities.

It also makes my job easy. One committed person is equal to 10 people.


I always laugh inside myself whenever I see applicants beaming confidently and declaring that they can conquer the event industry world; and that for them it feels like a walk in the park. However, after they passed the interview and become part of our organization and reality sets in, their attitude changed.

The once upon a time confident and gung-ho person is gone. What is left is a person fearful of the responsibilities and challenges of the tasks given to him.

It takes courage, a lot of it, to become an event professional. You need to be a steady force and have a thick heart and face to withstand rejections, problems and limitations posed by the very nature of an event.

Yes, event professional eats difficult situations and stress in breakfast.


No one man is an island. This is so true in events. Constant and routine interactions are necessary to make the event successful.

Communicate or perish. If we assume, we die. Everything must be communicated. God is in the details and these details can only be implemented clearly if we will practice professional communication.

Cost Saver

Event Management Professionals are cost savers. They do not splurge money and other resources. Event Management Professionals know that at the end of the day Profitability is necessary in order to have continuous operations.

In my team, we are not cost centers. In fact, we contribute to profitability by taking a hard look in every item of a particular event and thinking creatively on how we can save costs in that particular item.

Event Professionals are great in resources management and this is the idea behind being a cost saver.


Andrew Carnegie said, “Do your duty and a little more and the future will take care of itself”. An Event Management Professional is not only concern in a particular area that is assigned to him. But given a chance he will show concern by giving his advice or acting on areas that someone overlooked or nobody noticed but is critical to the success of the event.

We hire not because the person is skilled. We hire and retain people that we feel will show concern to the event and the organization.

A concerned person is better than a skilled person. But if I were given a choice I would rather see these two characteristics in a person.


Event Management Professionals never assume that he can keep all information and details on his brain. This led him to create and use a checklist.

A checklist is very handy in ensuring major areas of an event are covered.

If you ask me, this is the ultimate weapon of an event management professional.


Event management professionals have composure. It is grace under pressure.
If you can think straight without being overwhelmed by your emotions then there is a bigger chance that most of your events are successful.


Event management professionals are solution finders and providers. We cannot be drowned by problems. We are hired to shoulder the stress of the events and provide solutions to challenges that the event poses.

We cannot be an effective solutions finder and provider if we do not have composure. We have to have nerve of steel akin to Superman. If we can do this we will be on top of our game.

Continuous Improvement

We cannot be very complacent because of pass successes. If we become complacent we are doom to failure. We cannot have a big head because of our past victories. The event universe is constantly evolving. The demands of the clients are becoming bigger and wider.

The competition is becoming better. We are only as good as our last performance.

If we accept this, we must follow and practice the law of Kaizen or Continuous Improvement.

In fact, this is the path of all event management professionals, everyday and every event we must find ways to make ourselves better.

If we make ourselves better, we are making future events better.

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