An Event Manager’s 5 New Year’s Resolution

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Welcome 2015! This is another year – a year of new challenges and mountains to climb.

For event managers like me, we are pretty excited to create, produce and manage events.

Just this morning, a student interviewed me and asked me if event management is an easy job. I told her my principle in life, “all jobs are difficult, but a job that you love doing becomes easy.”

So here are my 5 New Year’s resolutions as an event manager.

 1.    Attend more International Events

Attending international events expose me to different ideas and allow me to discover the latest trends abroad that I can apply in my own events.

 2.    Guide and Train my Event Partners

No man is an island and this holds true in events management. I have a lot of young staff under me that I consider partners in making an event successful. I will train them harder this year and create curriculums that will suit their individual needs. The more they become successful, the more I become successful. Training is the key.

 3.    Serve my loyal clients more

Loyal clients contribute to 80% of our income and growth. I will give them the utmost care and create packages that will give them more value to their money. I will always wanted them to say to us, “Exlinkevents gives value to our investment.”

4.    Create Trailblazing Events

Exlinkevents is known for creating pioneering events like Parking Conference and Expo, Loyalty Conference and Expo, Telemarketing Conference, Big Data Conference and a lot more.

We will create more of these events this year just wait and see.

5.    Learn, Unlearn and Relearn

In an industry that is in a constant flux, we cannot relax so this year I am scheduled to enroll and learn different disciplines that will help me become a better leader and event manager.

As I have learned recently, “It Never Gets Easy You Just Get Better.”

Happy New Year Event Managers!

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