3 Ways to Start A Great Conversation During Conferences and Events

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Someone asks me about how to start a conversation with a stranger when you are attending an event. This made me think of this simple but important aspect of networking. 

Conferences, exhibitions and events are great avenues to network and meet new and potential partners that will help you forward your business objectives.

However, there are times we find it difficult to start a conversation with potential partners. Our inability to strike a conversation could be a lost opportunity.

Here are three easy ways to start a conversation that you will find very helpful:

Giving positive remarks on his or her accessories.

Example, “ Nice dress, where is it from?” People always loved to be appreciated. Giving positive remarks to others make them open up to you.

Ask about his or her opinion about the food

Example, “How do you find the food?” People loved to share their opinions on the food served in the event. Asking them about their opinions make them feel an expert. Food is a very good subject matter in creating a great engaging conversation.

Ask about his or her interest  

Example, “Hi have you watched Birdman?’ People love to share their interest. Asking them if they watch a particular movie will sure to elicit a great response. The conversation begins animated if they watched a movie that you are asking them or if they have not, they will be eager to know it by asking you how was it.

These three great conversation starters are timeless. They are very effective. They are keys that you can use to open up the door of opportunity as you network in different conferences and events that you will be attending.

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