3 Myths Aspiring Applicants Must End When Entering in the Event Management Industry

Monday, March 30, 2015

1.  Event Management Industry is all about fun

If you are thinking that being an event management professional is all about parties, rubbing elbows with VIPs and getting the best seats in the actual event you are wrong. 

Event Management Industry is a serious industry and great events are a product of hard work and sleepless nights.

At the same time, remember as an event management professional, you are part of the team that ensures a great event, and not one of the guests that will experience its greatness.

2 .   Event Management are Corporate Events, Concerts and Shows

There are a lot of different types of events. The following are the types of events that companies use for promoting their brands. These are good places for passionate and qualified aspiring professionals.

The other events are trade shows, conferences, trade mission, Buyer to Buyer (B2B) meetings, and team buildings to name a few. 

3.    To be part of an Event Management Company is to be part of the Production Team

If you think that an Event Management Company is composed of Production or Operation people you are wrong!

An event management company operates like other companies. It has the production department, the accounting department, HR department, sales and marketing department and other departments depending on the size and need of an event management company.

Most of the times, applicants in our company think that they will all end-up in the production or operation department.  Those that did not specify their career goal while applying end-up surprised and frustrated when they are assigned to other departments.

Again, you can be part of an event management company, and yet not be a part of events your company is implementing.

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