7 Fast and Furious Errors Conference Delegates Hate

Saturday, April 11, 2015

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Experience is the master of the game when it comes to satisfying the conference delegates that you are serving in your events.

However, there are times that common and small details are neglected by your team. These items are like matchsticks that trigger fast delegates anger. You don’t want furious delegates inside your event. It makes the hard work your team exerted during the pre-event preparation go down the drain.

Here are 7 Fast and Furious Errors that we must guard against to safeguard the amazing experience we wanted to give to our conference delegates.

Wrong Name in the Badge or ID

Nobody wants to have his name misspelled neither do you? But most of the time this is a common error that makes the conference delegates blood pressure rise-up.

Long Queues

We all hate long lines and spending long hours waiting for our turn in the registration area. This is the 21st Century and we have, in our hands, a lot of technology to solve this. Let us eliminate bad experience in our events by making this critical area seamless and fast.

Uneven Distribution of Sounds

Delegates hate this!

The technical rehearsals are for checking if the sounds are evenly distributed in the conference area.  But there are cases where the front areas of the event have a loud sound, while at the back areas of the event you can barely hear what the speakers on the stage are saying.

You must always check the sound system and see to it that in all areas of the events the sound is crystal clear.

 Bright or Dim Visual Projection

How can you learn if you cannot see what is being presented in the LED screens are so bright or so dim.

If you ask me, I will leave the conference hall even if the speaker is great (this is my subjective feeling).

The lesson here is you should always check if your video screens are friendly to the eye. The truth of the matter is that the eye is not only the window to the soul, but also the door to your delegates’ emotions.

Delayed Serving of Food

If lunch must be served from 12 noon, I can only tolerate a delay of 5 to 10 minutes. A delay more than this time, my impression of the conference or event will change from very good to a disaster.

You must remember that the food is an emotional issue with delegates. It is an element where organizers and events are always judged. A good food makes us emotionally inclined to give a high grade to the event.

Disrespectful Staff

You as an organizer is in the service industry, it is an automatic expectation that all your staff is service oriented – be it an in-house or outsource staff, there are no excuses.

A lot of times, I observed that what irks or provokes a delegate for becoming belligerent is because of a staff not trained to answer respectfully.

Event staff that answers back to a complaining delegate is a recipe for major complaints and unhappiness of delegates.

Humidity in the Venue

I attended a conference that makes me feel I am part of Dante’s Inferno. You must understand that a nice learning event is boosted by the right coolness of the place. The delegates must not feel too cold or too hot. The right temperature promotes the learning environment, it aids in keeping the delegates focus on the number one reason why they attended – to learn and enrich their knowledge.

 I hope you learn a lot from reading my 7 fast and furious errors in a conference that organizers neglect. How about you, what are other errors that I failed to mention that are also critical in ensuring that the delegates will never forget the experience of attending our events.

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