5 Success Spots in Events to Start Your Conversation with Attendees

Thursday, April 09, 2015

In this age of technology, real conversation still triumphs. Real conversation, face-to-face conversation is powerful and meaningful compared to a gamut of social apps presented in front of us.

The question now is where in a conference or event do you start a conversation? I know for beginners who are socially challenged or afraid to start a conversation may find it daunting, it is like climbing Mt. Everest, battling the different elements like the weather. I know I am beginning to sound like overacting, but I talked to some who are challenged in this exciting game of networking or for me the social art of knowing and creating new friends and business partners, and their description fit climbing the tough Mt. Everest or worst than this.

However, no worries, here are 5 Success Spots in Events or Conferences where you can start a great conversation and on your way to a successful networking.

Cocktail Tables

I love cocktail tables I feel that these tables are set-up to encourage light conversations. You can approach a loner or two people at this table and strike a conversation. In fact, you can hop in different cocktail tables and by the time you have moved around, you may find in your pocket a lot of business cards and special people that can help you further your success.

Food Area

In a buffet area, while you are lining-up to get your food, you can strike a conversation with the people in front or at your back. You can talk about the food in the buffet area, and before you know it you already won a friend or a potential business partner.

Conference Table (Banquet Tables)

In some conferences, your location is already predetermined. At our events, we do this in order for people to get know other people from other companies and expand their network. If you happened to be assigned or decided to pick the table where you will spend most of the time in the learning event, make the most of it. Strike a conversation.

In a banquet table, there are 10 to 11 people that you can potentially know. Do not miss this great opportunity to know them. Start a conversation and exchange business cards. I always move around on the tables that I am assigned and give my business cards to all the people at that table. I always notice that after the exchanged of business cards, the barriers to communication are gone. I can talk to them freely and they talk to me like we knew each other for a long time. I think their fear of rejection was removed and so was mine making the conversation within the assigned table successful.

Exhibit Area

During the breaks people go around the exhibit area to talk to suppliers. You should use this area to spot people that you feel you want to know and exchange business cards. Conversation starter could be by saying hi or asking the person what is his opinion about the products or services in the exhibit area.

Registration Area

Yes, this is a bit of a stretch. But there are cases where a situation presents itself that you can start a conversation in this area. Consider this, you may give a compliment to her or his dress before he or she enters the conference area. In addition, some people stay here, and are not yet interested to go inside the plenary area; it is your opportunity to approach them. Just say hi as you approach him or her and no doubt a great conversation will follow.

I hope you find this helpful and use these event areas in starting a great conversation on your way to expanding your network.

However, if you still have some areas I failed to mention, I will be glad to hear it and add in this article as an update.

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