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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Dear Venue Operators we have been friends for a long time. We have created great events together. However, we can still improve our partnerships, but first let me tell you some of my observations that you can make some improvements.

1.    Make Your Venue Cooler

If you are a hotel or a first class venue, ensure that you can make your venue cool. It is hard to enjoy the night or event if we are all sweating inside our business suits. Always try to imagine and add in your computation the body heat that will be added inside the venue.

Some venue operators and ventilation experts failed to see this; they compute the room’s need for air condition units without adding the potential guests that will use the venue. Their failure destroys their reputation and the possibility of repeat business.

2.    Deliver the Food that We Order

Funny that the food served during the taste tests is very different to the food you are serving in the actual event. It ruins the event, and makes us dissatisfied. Always ensure that what you remain true to this area. Please do not shortchange us; we are paying for what our guests and we are eating. Make us happy the stomach is closer to our hearts.

3.    Train Your Staff the Proper Protocols

You are in the service industry it is your job to produce trained staff competent to face the questions and needs of the guests. This is a minimum requirement, so please train them to meet this minimum requirement. Otherwise, you do not have the right to run a venue and be part of the hospitality industry.

4.    Do Not Leave Us During Difficult Situations

If you failed to deliver your promises and because the problem that occurred points towards your shortcomings do not leave us in the middle of irate guests. As much as we are experts in our field, we are inside your venue, we cannot control how you will deliver the other elements of our events and if you failed in your delivery, causing dissatisfaction to our guests be brave enough to do customer recovery hand in hand with us.

By doing this, we might use you again. But ignore this, you do not only lose us, we spread the news to our industry and that is bad business for you.

5.    Acknowledge Immediately Your Shortcomings

This might be a very bitter pill to swallow but you must. If you failed to deliver what you promised and it caused misery to event organizers like us, we expect you to apologise during the actual event. Please do not smile while you staff are fumbling in front of our very eyes, and while the eyes of some of our guests are starting to look like fierce tigers. Do not make excuses our event is planned a long time ago, like other events on-going on your venue that coincide in our event. You failed to plan, so be brave and fast in admitting your mistakes and apologize to us.

In addition, you must do some actions that will make us feel that you are sincere in your apologies.

Again, you are in the hospitality industry, you are rated on the way you deliver services. Experience never matter here, be lax in a day and you will suffer the consequence. You become incompetent in a day, despite the fact that you have years of experience in this industry.

The rule is very clear in events management and hospitality industry: “You are only as good as your last performance.” So always be ready all the time.

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