6th PHILIPPINE BUSINESS & ENTREPRENEURS ’ EXPO Opens July 17-18 , Megatrade Hall, SM Megamall

Monday, June 08, 2015

The   Philippine  Business  and   Entrepreneurs’  Expo  (PBEX)  opens  on July  17-19 in  Megatrade  Hall 2, SM Megamall  with  over  200  exhibitors  and  participants.

The  expo  will  feature   franchising  companies,  food  and  beverage  businesses, security  and  gadgets, transportation business, health  and beauty , travel  and leisure, direct  selling  and   distributorship companies  as  well as  business  services , business  solutions  and  government  agencies involved  in business   operations . There   will be  legal  and   business  consultations on  site  from  invited agencies.

Activity  Highlights  of  this  year’s  PBEX   is  compose  of various   learning  activities    such  as  ASEAN SME  BUSINESS  CONFERENCE  on  July  17/1:00 PM  onwards; Philippine  Marketing  Association’s Business  Readiness  and Disaster  Preparedness Summit, July 18, 1pm onwards  and  the  TRAVEL BUSINESS  FORUM, July  19, 1PM  onwards.  

Attendees   are by invitation to its  support organizations  such  as Philippine  Marketing Association, Bank  Marketing Association of  the  Philippines ,  Dept. of  Trade and Industries –NCR, PCCI-NCR,  Management  Association of the   Philippines ( MAP ) People Managers’  Association of  the Philippines, and  a lot  more. Other   companies   and the public   are   also  encouraged to   attend  for  a minimal  fee.  

Topics  at  the  ASEAN  SME  BUSINESS  CONFERENCE    are :  Filipino EnterprisesCompetitiveness for ASEAN Integration, ” ASEAN Integration: Worldwide Social and Economic Impact, ASEAN Integration: Worldwide Social and Economic Impact, QUAD Media Readiness and Competitiveness: A Must for Global SME’s ASEAN Survival” “Sunshine Industries for Successful SME Ventures”, Financial Assistance   and   Opportunities   for  ASEAN  SMEs.

While  PMA’s  BUSINESS   READINESS  &  DISASTER  PREPAREDNESS SUMMIT   will  cover  topics  on Data   Security  for  Business  , Safety  and  Security   Orientation  for   Employees,  and  a lot  more .

The TRAVEL  BUSINESS  FORUM  in  cooperation  with  FETA  Travel  Depot  will   initially orient  businesspeople   who  would want to expand or  start into  travel  agency   business  through  its   topics;   Travel Industry Backgrounder World Wide/ Asean Perspective , Travel  Business  Competitiveness  for  Filipinos Tour  Operators &  Hotel service  Competitiveness , Airline Promos  and  Future  Offers  for Travel Business.   For  inquiries;   contact  Exlink  Events  : www.exlinkevents.com/ 0920/9242532/  09209814376 / 6433887.

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