Customer Lovefest: Customer Experience is the Next Battlefield

Friday, August 21, 2015

In a study titled “ The Cost of Poor Service” commissioned by Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories Asia Pte Ltd, an estimated $2.8 billion in losses to Philippine firms with each customer abandoning a product or service costing $123 each. (Businessworld 2010).

This bad plight of the consumers against business establishments in the country is alarming and deprived companies additional profit.

At the same time, it is a problem that can be addressed. In fact, it is an irony and paradox considering the Filipinos is known for hospitality.

The study also revealed that the Philippines was said to have the most "actively engaged" consumers, with each one experiencing an average of 21 interactions with enterprises per year. It said Filipino customers were likely to end at least one business relationship a year due to poor customer service.

Again, this indicates a big lost opportunity in the growth and development of business.

As the Filipino consumers become more sophisticated this “Poor Service” must and needed to be addressed or else businesses that do not heed this alarming fact will suffer further, and be left behind in the highly competitive landscape.

The Customer Lovefest set this August 27-28, 2015 at New World Hotel is a one event with two important conferences to help companies address this poor service.

Customer Lovefest offers Customer Experience Management Conference on day one, and 4th Customer Loyalty and Rewards Program Conference on day two.

The Customer Experience Management Conference will provide a deeper understanding of customer journey mapping and related tools in ensuring that customers are wowed as they engage the business.

The 4th Customer Loyalty and Rewards Conference continue to provide trends and best practices on how to maximize the loyalty and rewards program offered by the business.

In one study, 91% of the Filipinos preferred companies offering loyalty and rewards programs. This is why it is a must for companies to continuously improve this tool that is a game changer.

The Customer Lovefest expects to gather around 160 practitioners and company leaders.

Business World, Malaya Business Insight, United Neon, Wazzup Pilipinas, and Vital Strats Creative Solutions are the event media partners.

Brother Philippines, Netplay Inc., Sodexo Benefits and Rewards, Freshdesk and I4 Asia Incorporated support the event.

The event is produced and organized by Ex-link Management and Marketing Services Corp. (Exlinkevents) – the business event organizer in the Philippines. For more information and details call 643-3887, text mobile no. 0920-9814376 or email at

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