A Revolution in Winning the Heart of the Customers: Customer Experience and Customer Loyalty and Rewards Program Deliver

Monday, August 24, 2015

Starbucks started the experience revolution. This experience revolution that enabled them to price higher their coffee.

Yes, their coffee is no doubt one of the best concoctions you can have. But if you will take a closer it is not about the coffee, it is more about the experience. The deeper reason why you are drinking the coffee, maybe because of the ambiance, the sense of community or belongingness, and, in the Philippines, a status quo.

In the 2011 Customer Experience Interactive (CEI) Survey results show 86 percent of consumers will gladly spend more for a better customer experience.

This finding snowballed to what we can observe today as an improvement of the venues, facilities and personnel of different companies. Companies adjusted and accepted the realities that in order to survive and grow they must provide a customer experience that will be top of the mind.

In an evolving taste of the consumers, customer experience management improvement is never ending. The quest to wow and further wow the customers become one of the pressing matters to companies that wanted to be top of the competition.

In addition to the customer experience management, customer loyalty and rewards programs are also an element that companies must give special attention.

In a recent study, 91% of the Filipinos preferred companies offering loyalty and rewards programs. This is why it is a must for companies to continually improve this tool that is a game changer.

The Filipino consumers appreciate the loyalty and rewards program used by companies to entice and retain them. For the Filipino consumers, it is a way of appreciating their support to the companies that provide these loyalty and rewards program.

The impacts of these loyalty programs to some are 5% to 15% growth in sales. It goes to show that if you capture the heart of the customer, you will also capture their wallets.

Although the Philippines, Customer Experience and Customer Loyalty and Rewards Program are at its infant stage, the explosive growth is being felt. More and more companies are getting placing a premium to these two elements.

In fact, Customer Lovefest, an event that showcase two conferences, Customer Experience Management and Customer Loyalty and Rewards Conference will take place this coming August 27-28,2015 at New World Hotel.

This event is an indication that more developments are coming in the way companies are finding ways how to win the love of the customers.

It is a victory for the consumers. It is also a progression of how we do business and treat the customers. A move the hopefully reduces and eliminate the poor service that the majority of the consumers are experiencing everyday.

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