5 Things I Learned from Customer Lovefest 2015

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

It has been four days after the 1st Customer Lovefest - a two-in-one event highlighting the 1st Customer Experience Management Conference, and 4th Customer Loyalty and Rewards Conference.

There are a lot of lessons I learned that I would share in various articles, but for now I am sharing the 5 top things I learned from the 1st Customer Lovefest.

1.   Treat Your Website as Human

This is a simple yet powerful concept. If our websites are human, then as humans, it can answer the needs correctly of other humans that are inquiring to our companies. In addition, it will be able to go the extra mile, creating a satisfied customer.

2.   Go Back to the Basics

Todd Kurie, VP for Marketing, Redmart recalls the Deli Store in New York that everyday he frequents for his breakfast. The owner, a Korean, knows what he wants and served him always on time. These two elements endear the Deli store to Todd.

As Todd shares, “Sometimes being simple and basic makes a lasting impression”.

So to enhance your customer experience and improve your customer loyalty and rewards program go back to the basics.

3.   Turning Customer to Brand Advocates is a Snake and Ladders Game

If you remember the game snake and ladders and play it, you will recall the every mistake you commit, you slide down and go back a few steps near to where you started. The same can be said in running your loyalty and rewards program, one day you have an avid fan, the next day your fan can be your hater.

This fragile relationship with companies to customers makes the job of the one assigned in the customer experience and customer loyalty and rewards department challenging.

You must always be ready to recover and make some actions in order to rectify mistakes and bring your customers back to your brand.

4.   We are Going Mobile Now

The smartphone users are increasing in the blink of an eye. This increase is changing the way we behave and we interact with companies.

The increase of smartphone users is a game changer in terms of how we will conduct our customer experience management in the digital front, and our customer loyalty and rewards program implementation.

The Millenials are here and they are very different from the past generations. The mobile phones are their main weapon. In order to survive, we must submit to this trend.

5. Better Together and Doing the Real Social Networking

Technology is good, but on the flip side, it offered us a make believe reality that we are socialized.

Mc Donalds Better Together Campaign showed that face-to-face human interaction is better than the artificial social media.

Live human interaction is more effective and meaningful in terms of human engagement and creating deep relationships.

This topic generated some buzz among delegates. A lot of delegates were inspired by the presentation of Ms. Margot Torres, VP for Marketing and Communications of Mc Donalds Philippines.

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