3 Findings Why Social Selling Amplifies Your Capacity

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Social Selling is the use of Social Media in your selling activities. It is not about the technology, but using the technology to enable you to create meaningful relationships with clients who are now online savvy and stay online 85% of their time.

In the Philippines, some sales professionals are using social selling but without formal training or orientation. Having said this, the potential for trained and educated sales professionals on the techniques and strategies of Social Selling can be enormous and very advantageous to the organizations.

Most organizations wanting to be on the top of their industry are looking for an edge. Social Selling is the edge that these companies can harness. Consider the three findings:

           * 72.6% of salespeople using social selling as part of their sales process                  
             outperformed their sales peers and exceeded quota 23% more often. 

             *46% of social sellers hit quota compared to 38% of sales reps who don’t. 
            *64% of teams that use social selling hit quota compared to 49% that don’t  

                                                                                (Source: Social Centered Selling)

Having learned this, there is no excuse why all companies with sales force must invest in learning Social Selling.

A company that Ignore the skills required to be an expert or knowledgeable in social selling will allow its competitors to move ahead. If the sales forces of the competitors are Social Selling savvy the effects will be detrimental to the growth of the company who choose not to invest on Social Selling.

Consider this, IBM reported a 400% increase in their sales when they tried to incorporate social selling in their sales activities.

Luckily, the same growth that IBM experience can be duplicated here in the Philippines because the first Social Selling Seminar will take place this coming October 16, 2015 at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Ortigas Center.

At the moment, it was reported that very few slots remain for interested parties who wanted to learn social selling. You may call tel. no. 643-3887 or text 0920-9814376 or email info@exlinkevents.com to reserve one of the remaining slots.

The event is produced and organized by Exlinkevents – Business Events Organizer. Exlinkevents is known for producing breakthrough conferences and seminars that are beneficial in forwarding the companies and individual growth at par with the world.

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